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Alko Hitch Lock vs. DO35 Hitch Lock

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable trailer and its contents, a dependable hitch lock is an essential security accessory. Two popular options on the market are the Alko Hitch Lock and the DO35 Hitch Lock. In this article, we’ll compare these two hitch locks to help you make an informed decision about which one is the right choice for your trailer security needs.

1. Compatibility

The primary and perhaps most crucial difference between the Alko Hitch Lock and the DO35 Hitch Lock lies in their compatibility with different trailer couplings.

Alko Hitch Lock: Known for its versatility, the Alko Hitch Lock is designed to fit a wide array of trailer couplings. This adaptability makes it a go-to choice for trailer owners with various coupling types.

DO35 Hitch Lock: In stark contrast, the DO35 Hitch Lock is engineered with precision and is specifically tailored for trailers equipped with DO35 couplings. If your trailer features this coupling system, the DO35 Hitch Lock offers a tailor-made solution.

2. Construction and Build Quality

The construction and build quality of these hitch locks are also noteworthy factors that differentiate them.

Alko Hitch Lock: Alko Hitch Locks are typically constructed from heavy-duty steel. This robust build ensures durability and resistance to tampering. It’s known for its sturdiness, providing peace of mind to users.

DO35 Hitch Lock: DO35 Hitch Locks are engineered to deliver a snug and secure fit for DO35 couplings. These locks often feature precision construction, emphasizing the need for a custom-fit design.

3. Security Features

The level of security features is another area where these two hitch locks differ.

Alko Hitch Lock: While the Alko Hitch Lock offers reliability, it may not have advanced security features beyond its visible deterrent. It relies on its prominent appearance to deter potential thieves. However, insurance companies in some places will require you to use Alko Hitch Lock, which may also highlight that the security of Alko Hitch Lock is not weak.

DO35 Hitch Lock: Many DO35 Hitch Locks come with advanced security features designed to enhance protection. These features can include tamper-resistant mechanisms, providing an extra layer of security.

4. Appearance

The appearance of the hitch locks can also vary, catering to different aesthetic preferences.

Alko Hitch Lock: Recognizable for its robust and prominent appearance, the Alko Hitch Lock serves as a visual deterrent. It’s a clear indicator of security measures in place.

DO35 Hitch Lock: DO35 Hitch Locks are often praised for their sleek and well-finished design. They tend to complement the aesthetics of trailers equipped with DO35 couplings.

There is a forum on the Internet that has discussed the comparison of these two hitch locks. Someone said that in his view, the Alko appears to be a less refined imitation of the DO35. One noticeable drawback is the Alko’s rudimentary handbrake mechanism, which they often omit from their photos. Such design made him feel the Alko hitch lock felt like it was from the 1970’s. However, from the Alko hitch lock buyer reviews, we did not see comments complaining about the appearance. Maybe it depends on personal aesthetics.

5. Price

Last but not least, price considerations can also set these two hitch locks apart.

Alko Hitch Lock: Alko Hitch Locks are generally more budget-friendly. Their affordability makes them a practical choice for those seeking dependable security without breaking the bank.

DO35 Hitch Lock: Due to their custom-fit design and advanced security features, DO35 Hitch Locks may be priced slightly higher. The added investment often corresponds to the tailored protection and extra security layers they provide.

6. Ease of Installation

The ease of installation of hitch lock is also one of the important factors in selection. But the installation method of these two hitch lock doesn’t seem so different.

DO35 Hitch Lock: DO35 is relatively easy to install, let’s take Cruisemaster bi-lock DO35 hitch lock as an example. It includes a dummy pin, a lock, and two keys, along with a dust cover. To use it, simply insert the dummy pin into the top of the DO35 hitch, allowing the pin’s tip to protrude from the bottom. Then, attach the lock to the end of the pin. That’s all! Some buyers online commented that this is a wonderful and simple device that only takes 5 seconds to install.

Alko Hitch Lock: The Alko hitch lock typically includes a locking mechanism, key(s), a dummy pin, and sometimes a dust cover. To install it, you insert the dummy pin into the hitch’s locking mechanism, position the locking mechanism to secure the hitch, and then lock it using the provided key or locking mechanism.

The ease of installation of these two hitch locks depends on your trailer’s hitch and your familiarity with the specific lock, but both are generally user-friendly. When choosing between the two, make sure it’s compatible with your trailer’s coupling system for a seamless installation and safety.

Securing Your Trailer: The TIROL Advantage

Now that we’ve delved into the various features and attributes of both the Alko and DO hitch locks, it’s clear that each has its strengths and unique characteristics. As a reputable hitch lock manufacturer, our TIROL Hitch Lock proudly stands on par with these established options. 

If you are choosing hitch lock as a profitable product to start a business or build a hitch lock brand to compete in the market, you may face real challenges. If you want to be a successful hitch lock business owner or make your brand a popular brand in the world, you must be fully prepared in hitch lock selection, wholesale and marketing strategies.

TIROL, as a professional hitch lock manufacturer and supplier, has many years of manufacturing and sales experience. We understand the products on the market and are constantly improving our technology to provide you with safe and efficient hitch locks. Our perfect management system allows us to maximize cost savings, and we can provide you with the most competitive prices, making you profitable.

TIROL Hitch Lock application

TIROL’s versatile hitch lock can be a suitable solution for all your trailer security needs. Our hitch locks are designed to fit seamlessly with any trailer type, ensuring they are suitable for every scenario in above picture. What truly sets our products apart is their exceptional affordability, making them a standout choice in the crowded hitch lock market.

Crafted from solid forged steel (A36 steel), our trailer locks have successfully cleared rigorous International QC tests for durability and strength. This ensures that not only are they competitively priced, but they also excel in terms of quality.

In the event that our existing hitch lock styles do not meet your specific requirements, we offer a unique customization service. Tailoring a hitch lock to your precise needs is one of our features. We are equipped to handle small batch customization, rapid prototyping, and swift delivery.

Your trailer’s safety is paramount, and TIROL’s Hitch Lock is here to provide peace of mind, ensuring your valuable cargo stays protected on every journey.



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