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Supply Chain Management Of Car Accessories Supplier In China

The Challenges And Strategies

Supply chain management for China car accessories suppliers can be both complex and challenging due to various factors. Below are some of the key challenges faced by these suppliers in managing their supply chains, along with potential strategies to overcome them:

Sourcing and Logistics

Suppliers need to form strong partnerships with reliable logistics providers and implement efficient inventory management systems to reduce lead times and ensure timely deliveries. Especially in international procurement, it will be affected by customs regulations and other factors, which will greatly increase the difficulty and time.


Fluctuating Raw Material Costs

The prices of raw materials used in car accessories can be volatile due to market fluctuations and geopolitical factors. Suppliers should closely monitor commodity prices, negotiate favorable contracts with suppliers, and consider alternative materials to mitigate cost fluctuations.

Demand Forecasting and Seasonality

Accurate demand forecasting is crucial for managing inventory levels and production schedules. Seasonal fluctuations and changing customer preferences add complexity to forecasting. Suppliers can leverage data analytics and historical sales data to improve forecasting accuracy.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with various regulations and standards, such as safety and environmental requirements, is essential for car accessories suppliers. Staying informed about evolving regulations and implementing necessary changes in production processes and materials can help ensure compliance.

Quality Control and Product Standards

Maintaining consistent product quality is essential to meet customer expectations and comply with international standards. Suppliers should implement rigorous quality control measures at every stage of the supply chain, including inspections, testing, and certifications.

quality assurance

Supply Chain Disruptions

Natural disasters, political instability, or unforeseen events can disrupt the supply chain. Suppliers should develop contingency plans and build resilient supply networks, including having backup suppliers and diversifying sourcing locations.

Communication and Language Barriers

Working with international customers and suppliers may involve language barriers and cultural differences. Effective communication and collaboration tools can help bridge these gaps and facilitate smoother interactions.

How Is Tirol Responding To These Challenges?

Supplier selection

TIROL will consider the following factors when selecting suppliers:

  1. Quality level, including goods inspection; Quality assurance system; Sample quality; Handling of quality issues.
  2. Delivery capacity
  3. Competitive price
  4. Technical capabilities: R&D capabilities; Product design capabilities; The ability to respond to technical problems.

The supplier management approach adopted by TIROL includes the following:

  1. Tirol will visit and inspect the factory before starting co-operation.
  2. Tirol will arrange QC to inspect the goods in middle of production and when production completes.
  3. Tirol reduces excessive dependence on individual suppliers and diversifies risks.
  4. Tirol provides business guidance and training to suppliers
  5. Tirol will invest in important suppliers with development potential and in line with the company’s investment policy to establish deep and core relationships with suppliers.

Inventory control

In order to develop and adjust production schedules, TIROL has its own ERP system.

Step 1: Order review. After the order review, a delivery decomposition must be formed, and a clear schedule to promise when the goods will be ready.

Step 2: Formation a monthly plan (set the master plan based on production time), with good monthly scheduling (detecting anomalies in advance and checking one month in advance).

Step 3: Weekly planning (weekly scheduling) can also be arranged for a 10-day plan. The core is to check whether the “Arrears Tracking Form” has been updated.



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