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Top 7 Best Hitch Ball Manufacturers & Suppliers

Hitch balls are essential for vehicles like trailers, campers, and other heavy roads. They are important in safety-ensure and effective transportation in our towing and hauling world.

If you are looking for some world’s best hitch ball manufacturers or suppliers, you are here in the right place! We will introduce you to the Top 7 Best hitch ball manufacturers, along with their information and main product features.

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What is A Hitch Ball?

A hitch ball, also named a towing ball or trailer hitch ball by people, is a metal ball set to the rear of a vehicle. It can be used to connect trailers, heavy roads, or boats. The hitch ball is mounted on a hitch receiver, and the receiver can be installed on the vehicle.

Hitch Ball Marketing Analysis

The market analysis of Hitch Ball provides great growth potential in the following years. As the demand for vehicles increases, the trends of outdoor activities rise, and so does the commerce industry. The growth in construction and transportation also contributes to the expansion of the need for heavy-duty vehicles, this will finally blow the industry of hitch balls.

The market of electric and hybrid vehicles can create more opportunities for hitch balls because the new energy vehicles need a specialized towing system.

The hitch ball market is competitive, several main players are hunting for market share. The prominent companies are B&W Trailer Hitches, Husky Towing, Andersen Hitches, Curt Manufacturing LCC, Stealth Hitches, Weigh-Safe, Rigid Hitche, and Reese Towpower.

If you are wondering how to choose the best hitch ball manufacturers for your industry or just want to buy some hitch accessories from them. I will recommend the following 7 Best Hitch Ball Dealers for you.

7 Best Hitch Ball Manufacturers & Suppliers in 2024

#1 B&W Trailer Hitches


Company Type: Trailer Hitches and Towing Accessories Leading Manufacturer

Establish Time: 1987

Address: 1216 Hawaii Road, USA

Main Products: B&W Turnover Ball, Fifth-Wheel Hitches, Bumper

Introduction:B&W Trailer Hitches is a specialist in towing accessories like hitch balls, trailer hitches, and fifth-wheel hitches. The reason B&W gained this competitive marketing share is its focus on excellent engineering and reliable products. One of B&W’s flagship products is its famous Turnover ball Gooseneck hitches, which is a revolution to the towing industry. It is set in the middle of the truck cargo area, and the hitch ball is flexible enough, that you can take it out of the hitch receiver anytime. When you need it, it can be a hitch. But when you don’t need it, it can be a level bed. B&W won a bunch of customers with their innovation, quality, and strong will to serve the audience.

#2 Husky Towing

Husky Towing logo

Company Type: Trailer Hitches and Towing Accessories Leading Manufacturer

Establish Time: 1987

Address: Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Main Products: Gooseneck Hitch ball, Cargo Carrier, Ball Mount

IntroductionHusky Towing Company provides high-quality hitch balls. Commonly the hitch balls are forged from solid steel, surface treated by chrome-plated. Specially designed with the husky named “wrench flats”, so it can be easily installed. This hitch ball design has passed the SAE J684 Test. Husky Towing provides a one-stop solution for hitches and brake assembly. and jacks. Husky shipped all non-LTL/Truck freight items by UPS Ground, and you can have a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product, only need to return it completely in 30 days commonly. Every product is manufactured from strictly selected materials, within lying husky’s perfect engineering capability. You will find high-quality, reliable, cost-effective hitch balls and other hitch products in Husky.

#3 Andersen Hitches

Andersen Hitches

Company Type: Specialist in hitch balls, trailer hitches, 5th wheel hitches, etc.

Establish Time: 1958

Address: YELLOWSTONE HWY, IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, United States

Main Products: Ball and Combo ball, Trailer Jack Block, Rapid Hitch, Camper Leveler

Introduction:Andersen has been offering high-quality products for 50 years even more. The company is located in the U.S.A. With a 102,000 square foot manufacturing center, to helps USA customers have a better experience in purchasing. Andersen Hitches now provides a one-stop trailer hitches and towing solution for its audience. Andersen makes hitches for trailers not just for trailers, but also for recreational travelers, and other sportsmen. Andersen reached many top 1 in the trailer industry, like 5th wheel trailer hitch light-weight design and simplify the rapid jack in changing accessories. With uniquely designed hitch products and complete after-sale service, Andersen gained a reputation from their customers.

#4 Stealth Hitches

Stealth Hitches

Company Type: Manufacturer of Hitch balls, invisible hitches, ball mounts, and rack receivers

Acquired Time: 2021 B&W acquired Stealth Hitches

Address: Sugar Hill, Ga. United States

Main Products: Invisible Hitch, Rack-to-Tow Conversion Packages

Introduction:The Stealth Hitches only appear when you need towing work. Its invisible hitches are well-known by customers. It is a specialized vertical latch block that is attached to the verticle frame, you can’t find it only when you need it because it hides behind the vehicle bumper. On Oct. 2, 2018, Stealth Hitches announced a top receiver and tow hitch for the Tesla Model S. Aiming to help the Tesla vehicle users have both an aesthetic look and multiple-function hitches. The invisible hitches meet the highest safety standard and are made of high-quality materials, they can last for a long period.

And now Stealth Hitches offers a towing conversion kit for the Tesla Model 3. Also, Stealth Hitches provides Rack-to-Tow Conversion Packages for vehicle manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Ford, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, and Mercedes…

#5 Curt Manufacturing LCC

Curt Logo

Company Type: All Around Towing Accessories Manufacturer and Supplier

Establish Time: 1993

Address: 30779 Oak Creek Dr, Wixom, MI, USA

Main Products: Gooseneck, 5th wheel hitches, ball mounts, cargo carrier, and other towing products

Applications: Passenger cars, Vans, Pickups, SUVS…

Introduction:Curt is a brand of Lippert, it provides all towing products that customer needs, including custom towing-fit kits, and front-fit kits. Curt has gone through great marketing growth and has excellent marketing experience. Curt’s sales revenue is reportedly over $200 million per year now.

Curt hitch balls are manufactured from high-strength, hot-forged steel. The hitch ball is protected by a chrome-finished surface. Curt’s standard hitch ball sizes are 1-7/8-inch light-duty towing, 2-inch medium-duty towing, 2-5/16-inch heavy-dusty towing, and 3-inch gooseneck towing. The hitch ball has passed the U.S. VESC V-5 test. The hitch ball has powerful holding strength and is good for your towing mission and safety.

#6 Reese Towpower

Reese Power

Company Type: Top Trailer Hitches, Towing Accessories Manufacturer

Establish Time: 1952

Address: Plymouth, MI. United States

Main Products: Trailer Hitches, Ball Mount, Hitch Balls, Trailer Couplers etc.

Introduction:Reese Towpower provides many classes of trailer hitches, receiver hitches, and other accessories to satisfy customers’ needs. Whether the customer applies trailer hitches for heavy-duty or livestock transportation. Reese Towpower’s hitches are solid all-welded constructed and have been tested to meet the highest standards for safety and strength in towing. Especially, Reese Towpower Hitches is surface-treated with painting materials that can stop rust and corrosion. This brings the hitch accessories a long-lasting and durable use.

The hitch balls in Reese Towpowe are optional, because of the multiple materials used in the manufacturing process. Some of the hitch balls even exceed the industry standard and will make your towing work much easier.

#7 Tirol Trailer Hitches

Tirol Logo

Company Type: Professional Automotive Accessories Manufacturer

Establish Time: 1998

Address: 668 Jiangbei Avenue, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Main Products: Trailer Hitches Accessories, Hitch Balls, Hitch Bars, Automotive Accessories, Roof Bags, Roof Box

Introduction:As a competitive Automotive Accessories Manufacturer in China. Tirol provides the best service to customers. With over 25 years of specialist manufacturing experience, Tirol has 58 employees, 72 technical agents, and 2 enginers who will provide 7/24 service for customers. As a famous hitch ball manufacturer, Tirol provides 1-7/8, 2, 2-5/16, and 3-inch towing balls. The weight capacities range from 2,000 to 30,000 for your possible needs. F commercial or personal use,  TIROL knows their customers’s unique towing needs and provides expert guidance and reliable delivery, TIROL ensures that customers purchasing hitch balls from them can enhance their business.


Choosing the right hitch ball is crucial for your safety and effectiveness before you are about to do some towing work. This guide has introduced the top manufacturers and suppliers in the hitch ball and trailer hitches accessories manufacturing area. As you select your hitch ball, please remember the importance of quality, innovation, and sustainability before you purchase the hitch ball.



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