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Reliable Trailer Connector Manufacturers – Complete Guide

Do you feel confused when you choose a trailer connector for your towing vehicle? Or when you want to choose the right cooperator to rocket your businesses. But you don’t have an idea which trailer connector manufacturer can be your best choice.

Don’t worry about it, this article is here to solve your problem, we will provide multiple options for you, whether you are here to purchase for personal use or commercial activities. We list the world’s famous trailer connector manufacturers and you will surely be satisfied.

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What is A Trailer Connector?

Trailer Connector, is a necessary component when you prepare to tow the trailer or other vehicles. It is a connector that connects the towing vehicle and the trailer, commonly built with a multi-pole electrical connector. The trailer connector can be used to provide electricity for the trailer lighting and management system.

The trailer connector can be named as “trailer wire”, or “trailer cable”. The trailer connector will offer the feedback of the trailer to the towing vehicle when it is activated.

It provides the power for lights like taillights, brake lights, turning lights, and other electrical systems.

Trailer Connector Marketing Analysis

There are many types of trailer connectors in the market, and they can be divided into the following categories in the 2024 market

  • 4 way Trailer Connector
  • 5 way Trailer Connector
  • 6 way Trailer Connector
  • 7 way Trailer Connector

These may lead the trailer connector market in the future days, as they are the most commonly used trailer connector worldwide.

In 2023, the trailer connector market size was valued at about 101 million USD. This market includes various connectors that are applied to different trailers like Recreational vehicles, boat trailers, and commercial trailers.

The need for high-quality, durable, and reliable connectors is growing along with the technology. The trailer connector market extends and asks the manufacturer to produce connector requirements and standards to satisfy the modern vehicle and trailer.

The marketing analysis must have told you the future of trailer connectors. For personal buyers, you can select your best connector. For dealers or suppliers who want to find excellent cooperators, you can have a check on the trustable manufacturers in the following parts.

Then we will introduce you to professional trailer connector manufacturers below

Professional Trailer Connector Manufacturers



Company Type: Leading Distributor of Electrical Wiring Supplies

Establish Time: 1970

Address: Chanhassen, Minnesota, U.S.A

Main Products: Connectors, Cable Ties, Fuses, Lights, Wires…


Waytek is a leading electrical components supplier. You will find fast, accurate, and personal service in Waytak. In stock, they have nearly 10,000 popular components. And they can make sure the order can be shipped before 4 pm EST, the process mostly takes about 2 hours. Waytek provides trailer connectors with high-quality, durable, and cost-effective characteristics.

Waytek 4-way trailer connector has a function in controlling taillights, turn lights, and brake lights. A 7-way trailer connector can do these but has an extra 12v circuit, a circuit for an electrical trailer brake, and a reverse light circuit.

Waytek trailer connector has many options for customers in surface treatment, you may like heavy-duty metal die-cast, high impact plastic, or chrome-plated metal trailer connector.

Hopkins Towing Solution


Company Type: One-Stop Towing Solution Specialist

Establish Time: 1953

Address: Emporia, Kansas U.S.A

Main Products: Trailer Connector, Brakes, Levels, Dinghy Towing


Hopkins trailer connector (wiring adapter) includes several types like 4 Wire Flat, 5 Wire Flat, 6 Pole Round, and 7RV Blade, these connectors support you to tow more trailers without rewiring the trailers and vehicles.

Hopkins provides technical support and offers a person-to-person interaction to satisfy their customers. They also offer a complete guide and DIY installation instructions. This helps customers know how to install and activate the connector or other electronic devices when towing.

In the production process, they set up quality control and procedures throughout the ISO 9001:2008-12 certified manufacturing process. You can trust Hopkins.

Curt Manufacturing LCC

Curt Logo

Company Type: Professional Towing Accessories Manufacturer

Establish Time: 1993

Address: 30779 Oak Creek Dr, Wixom, MI, USA

Main Products: Trailer Connector, hitch balls, ball mounts, cargo carrier…

Applications: Passenger cars, Vans, Pickups, SUVS…


Curt provides custom services for their customers. You can outfit your vehicle with a standard trailer connector from Curt. The trailer connector is tested for reliability.

Curt offers various types of trailer connectors:

  • 2-way Trailer Connector
  • 4 way Trailer Connector
  • 5 way Trailer Connector
  • 6 way Trailer Connector
  • 7 way Trailer Connector

There are so many options for your hitch balls and other components to choose. But you will need a solid connection to ensure your safety and power flowing when you are towing something. Curt employs the latest technology with so many aspects like designing, robotic welding, finishing process, and packaging. You can trust Curt for their reliable products and services for they have a high order-fill rate.



Company Type: Professional Wiring Products Supplier

Establish Time: 1980s

Address: Reno, Nevada, U.S.A

Main Products:

Wire & Cable, Trailer Connector, Battery, Laser pointers…


WiringDepot provides multiple choices for its customers when it comes to trailer connectors. They offer practical adapters to connect the towing vehicles and trailers, as well as complete wiring kits to make customers’ vehicles or trailers ready for towing. WiringDepot can surely offer the bonded color-coded trailer wire in spools for bigger projects. 

If you are in urgent need of trailer products, WiringDepot can be your nice option. They have a high fulfillment rate of up to 98%, and keep the product in stock and ready to ship all the time.



Company Type: The Leader in Electronic Brake Controllers (Accessories)

Establish Time: 1964

Address: West Hamlin Road Rochester Hills, MI, U.S.A

Main Products: Brake Controllers, Electrical Wiring, Connector…


If you are looking for a solution for your trailer connector, you are here in the right place. Tekonsha is a specialist in brake controllers. but it also provides a connection service, and the connector is of great quality for you to choose from.

All of their 2,4 and 5-way connectors are strictly tested to ensure a reliable, comfortable, and effective towing mission.

Tekonsha is now working on developing the highest-performing trailer components, you are at the right time to select your trailer connector and your cooperator. When you want a trailer connector with compatibility, safety, and good performance, why not have a try on Tekonsha?


Tirol Logo

Company Type: Professional Automotive Accessories Manufacturer

Establish Time: 1998

Address: 668 Jiangbei Avenue, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Main Products: Trailer Connector, Hitch Balls, Hitch Bars, Automotive Accessories, Roof Bags, Roof Box


As a leading Automotive Accessories Manufacturer based in China, Tirol is committed to delivering exceptional service to its customers. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, Tirol boasts a team of 58 employees, 72 technical agents, and 2 engineers dedicated to providing round-the-clock support for customers. As a prominent trailer connector manufacturer, Tirol offers a comprehensive range of trailer connectors. Whether for commercial or personal use, Tirol understands the unique requirements of its customers and offers expert guidance and reliable delivery services. By choosing Tirol as their supplier of hitch balls, customers can trust that they will receive top-notch products to enhance their business operations.


To buy the right trailer connector is to secure your towing mission. To choose the right trailer connector manufacturer is to secure your business and rocket it. When you choose your cooperator, you should be cautious about the reputation, the quality of connectors they make, and the adaptation between towing vehicle and trailer.

So whether you choose Tirol or Curt, these two reputational manufacturers or others. You will be willing to invest in high-quality manufacturers to ensure your business has a boost or stable growth.



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